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BiCentennial Limited Edition Bench

This bench is made by Standard Chair of Gardner Inc. which is in Massachusetts.  What I have found out from them it is a limited edition chair only made in 1976 for the 200 year anniversary of this country.  They only made 250 of these bench which is all maple wood.  I can't find anything else on line about this bench.


As for the condition I say good as it is not new and it does have a few (not many) real small scratches or petina.  Who doesn't after 37 years of someone sitting on you.

American Furniture
Maple Wood
Distinguishing marks: 
Under the sitting area is a marking of 1634 and the company's Logo sticker. On the back of the bench is a stained logo on the wood with the name of the company with the Limited EditionLettering. Also in a little ribbon is 1776 -Liberty Series -1976.
Date Period: 
It was made in 1976
Size and dimensions of this item: 
The width is 47.5 inches and the Height is 30 inches
38/39 lbs.
I do not know.
For Sale?: 
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I have the same bench and I contacted the company today, the 1 detail that you have wrong is that they made 5000 of these not 250. As far as current value they wouldn't tell me all they would say is that to the right person it would be worth some good money.

I hope that helps.

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