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Back Stamp Meito China and appraisal

Back Stamp Meito China and appraisal appraisal

Can you help me identify? This Backstamp looks nothing like has listed.

Medium / Material: 
Gold trim
Distinguishing marks: 
Meito China
Meito China with strange stamp
For Sale: 
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I have seen a mark like the one on your china, but it was from a different distributer. Manufacturing of Meito started in the early 1940s. It was then sold thru several different distributiion companies. The letters on the inside of the stamp above the name Meito also known as Meider is the identification for that company. The writing under the stamp should be the name of the pattern. I've done some research,but I haven't seen your particular pattern. You might try researching the distribution company.

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified)

I appreciate the response. I contacted an individual named Angel at Replacements Ltd who responded:

We reviewed your pattern, and there are some differences. MEIDER has a red edge, and the scrolls different and are not connected like your pattern. The images that you sent us were clear and good quality, so we do not need a physical piece at the time.

We were not able to locate a pattern name for your pattern, so we have assigned it a number, and will periodically send you updates.

I sent an email back requesting any information that she might have for a manufacturer. Can you do me a favor? Can you possibly dig up a copy of the backstamp that you referenced in your reply or point me to a resource where I might gather more information on the mark? I will get a better picture and post again.

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Hope this helps in your search. Its the best I can do. Sorry.

In 1908 Nagoya Seito Sho Company was founded by Kotero Asukai, former employee of Noritake. Other Noritake artisans were soon to follow to the new company this is why this porcelain might bear a close resemblance to Noritake porcelain.

Their wares was also marketed under the name Meito China. During WWII the company was sold and the name changed to Narumi Seito Sho. The Meito China mark continued to be used after WWII with variations in the crown logo mark. Some porcelain with Meito China marks are found with the addition "Made in occupied Japan".

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