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Antique/Vintage Dark wood Rockingham expandable Dining Table - Has 6 original chairs & 2 Leafs

Please help me find the right information so I can sell this table asap!  I can't find a thing helpful online. 

My friend gave me this table as a gift, saying her father had stored it after it was passed to him by another older family member, then finally gave it to her.  She didn't want it because she is estranged from that side of the family, so had stored it in her attic until she offered it to me when I needed a table for my new apt a few years ago. Its never used, and way too big and takes up so much space.  I'd like to sell it and buy a smaller, more modern table for my little family, but cannot find ANY information that will help me date this table, or figure out a reasonable asking price.  Any help would be so much appreciated! 

Very heavy dark wood, and I believe I was told it was Oak, but could be mahogany. I'm not completely sure.
Distinguishing marks: 
846E 748 Rockingham stamped in yellow on bottom of table, and 43-R written in black on bottom as well.
Date Period: 
Unknown, at least prior to 1980
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Apprx 72"L without 2 leafs in place; 98"L with x 40"w x 30"H
unknown, heavy. Possibly 200lbs?
It was given to me by a family friend who got it from her father who said it was a family heirloom/antique piece. I can't find ANY information online about Rockingham furniture/markings or the value of a table like this.
For Sale?: 


msaggieamy's picture

 Have you found out anything about Rockingham? I picked up 2 chairs similar to the ones in your set with "802 Rockingham 1969" stamped on the bottom in a font like the one in your photo. I have not had any luck figuring out what the means either. I'm want to repaint the chairs but am not sure if I should tape that part off to keep it intact if it means something. Know what I mean? Anyway, if you've found out anything about Rockingham furniture, would you let me know? Thanks Smile

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