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Antique wheelchair

Antique, oak and metal wheelchair with caining on back, seat and leg rests. Very good condition.

oak and metal
Distinguishing marks: 
Metal tag: Arrow, Erie Pennsylvania, serial number
Date Period: 
unknown, 1900s
Size and dimensions of this item: 
adult size
This wheelchair was used by the local VFW for many years
For Sale?: 


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Somebody using the wheelchair independently will require a self propelling (large wheels) model they push themselves. A self propelled, or transit wheelchair (smaller wheels) will be appropriate if the wheelchair will be pushed by an attendant.

Wheelchair Ramps

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I have a three wheel, Self propelled,(By a hand crank to drive wheel chain)which belonged to the Grand Father of the 93 year old owner until his demise several years ago..

If any one has any info on this type of chair, please let me know

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Chairs like this date to about World war One, there is virtually no demand for them with the exception as props for historical dramas. Most sell at auction for under $150.00.


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