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Antique Secretary Desk Monitor Furniture Co.

Hi, this was given to me some time ago. I have researched it a bit and know it was made by the Monitor Furniture Co and that it originally had a bookcase on top of the piece that may or may not have been optional; I have seen them without the book case refinished, etc... Also, the top locks, as do each drawer and I have the skeleton key. It has claw feet and the photos listed ar of the original piece.The top is unfinished but it would do nicely with a piece of cut marble. I am just wanting to know the aprox. value of the piece as it i right now. Cannot seem to load all the photos.

Thx. So Much!!!!


American Furniture
Distinguishing marks: 
Stamp inside of drawer
Date Period: 
20th Century
Size and dimensions of this item: 
Aprox 3-4 ft
Heavy :)
I found this in an alley in Pacific Beach, CA and fell in love with the piece; funny, gf did not want it in the included/found in one of the drawers!
For Sale?: 


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