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Antique RC Allens Register

Fabulous vintage adding machine featuring a wonderful mess of buttons just calling your name to be pressed! The click-click of the buttons is such a fun noise. Pair that with the great fun of pulling the manual handle down...such a fun toy for your vintage office! So retro, and evidently these are highly collectible.

R.C. Allen Inc. was founded by Ralph C. Allen in 1932 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Later, it became known as R.C. Allen Business Machines Inc. and was one of the leading manufacturers of business machines.

I did a surface cleaning of the machine, however it has not been restored in any manner, nor did I do any cleaning that required any disassembly.


General Antiques and Collectibles
Distinguishing marks: 
RC Allens
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
measures approximately 8” wide at the base (11” wide when you add the protruding handle) by 13 1/2" deep by 10 1/2” tall
This belonged to my Grandparents who owned a bar in San Antonio in 1950's.
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