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Antique James B. Beam liqour bottle

It is an old bottle, which has NEW ZEALAND in a teal colored banner near bottom of bottle. At the bottom it has a lable stating Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, celebrating Beam 100 months old. 4/5 quart 86 proof. BOTTLE IS EMPTY.

The main part of bottle has a tree trunk to the left with the opening at the top for pouring the fluid. Beside this trunk is a bird brown in color with its beak downward as if its protectin this egg or something. The color is beautiful.  Still has the bottle stamp on the lid, wth a number 5710555?4 there is one number I can not make out due to the stamp being torn from opening.

Antique Bottles
genuine regal china 1974
Distinguishing marks: 
on the bottom, creation of james b bean distilling co ky-drb-230 c. miller regal china corporation 145 liquor bottle has 3 lll and dhn
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
about 10 inches tall, 9 inches wide and about 4 inches thick
about 2 pounds
was at my grandmothers on a shelf, for years, and she cleaned out I now have it, I say its in good condition for its dusty and needs a good cleaning and then would be excellent
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