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antique glass javex bottle

small brown glass javex bottle looks like it was made in a mold has screw top and javex trademark stamp on bottom

Antique Bottles
brown glass
Distinguishing marks: 
javex stamp
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
approx 12 cm tall
found in ground
For Sale?: 


Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified)

Strangely I just found one identical to the one in this posting this past week. It was also found in the ground at a cottage in Ontario. I'm wondering about the age of the bottle and if they are collectable? No one we have spoken to seems to remember Javex being contained in a glass bottle.

ashley1's picture

I have yet to find out if its collectable but im sure it is . I know i found it with a bunch of other old bottles including a bromo seltzer bottle which i found out was the first tylenoyl bottle and a 1930 chevy master hubcap so im assuming the javex bottle is from that time frame as people use to bury there garbage back then instead of having it collected as we do today hope thats helpful.

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified)

I also found a bottle this summer when we demolished on old shed on our property. It is very similar but is bigger ( it has 64 oz stamped in the glass) and has a little loop on the neck to stick your finger through to pour the Javex. It has the same markings on the bottom and the Javex markings around the top. There must have been different size bottles. I am very curious about when it was made because nobody I have spoke to remembers it either. I work in a nursing home and one lady is 106 and very spry but doesn't remember it ever in a glass bottle.

Donnav's picture

I have 2 of these bottles that are 16 oz and 2 that are 32 oz. But cant seem to find out the year of them or much of anything. If anyone can help I would appreciate it


Lovejoy's picture

These are machine made bottles that post date 1900. No huge value for them, demand mainly being from bottle collectors, we'd retail them as decorator pieces for under $15.00

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