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Antique gas stove" White Star" Detroit Vapor Stove Division

I recently bought this from an auction. I thought it was really cute...
I am trying to find out more info. on this stove. It has a metal "Good Housekeeping Institute" seal on it, and I contacted Good Housekeeping to see if they had on record any info on it. I gave them the serial number listed, and was sent a reply that their records do not go back that far, but that they haven't put a seal on the actual products for a long time, and that the stove was probally manufactured before the 1940's.
It is very heavy. Inside on of the drawers it says" Detroit Vapor Stove Division- Borg-Warner Corp.
It has all its parts, although rusty they are very solid.
My husband wants me to sell it...because I bought it on a whim, and wasn't really thinking of where exactly I was going to put it. I have to agree that although I think it is a neat piece, I didn't realize how heavy it was, and really don't have the room! Sad
I just wanted to find out some info. on it, and find out what it might be worth before I sell it..Any ideas?

Steel? Not sure.... very heavy
Distinguishing marks: 
Date Period: 
Before 1940's
Size and dimensions of this item: 
3 foot tall X 3 foot wide
For Sale?: 

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