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6 Piece matching Phurba Dorje Appraisal Sought

I recently acquired a set of Phurba Dorje that I believe are antiques from an estate which included Egyptian and Aztec antiques. I am looking for someone knowledgeable in this area to provide me with an appraisal. I have attached a few photos, and can send more detailed photos if required. Do you provide for fee appraisal services? If you do not would you be willing to provide me a reference to someone who can?

General information about set:

Weights left to right as pictured below:
Lbs 1.58 1.74 1.62 1.64 1.66 1.64
Grams 618 662 628 634 642 634

Length varies only by a small amount, from 9.8" to 10". Width at the widest part of the head, all facing the same way, is 1.43 to 1.51 inches. These are 3 sided, with identical (style) in layout, facial detail, etc.. The patterns themselves vary slightly from one to another. Each piece is slightly different. I have rotated a few to show each of the sides in the picture. I can provide much finer detail pictures if I can understand what to photograph.

The single piece with some type of gilting, or other coating, has very small magnetic properties on the blade area and shaft. The remaining 5 black pieces have no magnetic property, I am assuming these are bronze. I tried this with a general magnet lying around the house, and will some rare earth/neod' magnets.

Iron, Copper, Gilt
Distinguishing marks: 
3 sided face and blade
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
10" x 1.75"
1.63 - 1.74 lbs
Purchased at auction (see long description)
For Sale?: 

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