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1930's Bedroom Set - can you identify!?

I have 4 photos of the matching set.  There is a full sized 4 poster bed with a headboard, footboard and original side rails.  A vanity with 3 mirrors and 5 drawers, and a chest of drawers with 5 drawers.  The entire set is on the original small metal casters.  All drawers are dovetail jointed.  There are no identifiable markings on the furniture other than the number 6520 stamped on the backs of all the pieces.  I found the date of March 4, 1935 on the backs of the mirrors.  There is also a rounded stamp that says BASSETT MMA on the back of the mirrors.   There is beaded and carved detail on all pieces.  Well kept with some signs of wear as it was constantly used up until 2007 when I acquired it.  It has been moved several times.  There are several nicks in the veneer on the chest.  The front edges of the vanity where arms would rest show signs of wear. 

Measurements are:  Headboard 59" tall, 58" wide,  Footboard 30.5" tall, 51" to top of posts, and 59" wide. 

Vanity with mirror is 69" tall, 18" deep, 46" wide and 32" to top surface.    I cann't tell if the stool that has always been with this set is the original or not.

Chest is 57.5" tall, 18" deep, and 35" wide.

I do not know enough to tell what type of wood this set is made of, nor the finish. 

I really am trying to identify the manufacturer of this set.  I'm assuming this was made in the 30's as per the date stamp on the back of the mirrors.  That is a very good possibility given that my grandparents would have been in their mid 20's when purchasing this set.  Any ideas as to it's value as well?  I would GREATLY appreciate any help!!

I am considering selling this set.

American Furniture
Oak with a veneer
Distinguishing marks: 
Date Period: 
Date on mirror back March 4, 1935
Size and dimensions of this item: 
This item was purchased by my grandparents in the 1930's. They were born in 1910 and 1911 and married young. This bedroom set was in their home as long as I can remember, at least 50 years my father said. My grandmother worked for Montgomery Ward for her entire working career, so I thought it's possible that the furniture could be from there. They also lived in North Carolina for quite some time, so I thought it could be from there as well.
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