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1929 GE coil top all steel kitchen refrigerator

1929 GE coil top all steel kitchen refrigerator. Not presently working, has been repainted.Also have original advertisement in a 1929 National Geographic magazine.

General Antiques and Collectibles
all steel
Distinguishing marks: 
General Electric
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Size and dimensions of this item: 
got from a family friend, they used it till 5 yrs ago
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250chief's picture

Interesting item. Unfortunately this is a really specialty item. Items of this size generally don't sell well except in a specialist market (i.e. someone who made them, companies who make fridges, some museums, people of that sort.) It's because it takes up a significant chunk of room real estate to show it. If it was or cold be made to work again (without replacing the vintage parts with brand new pieces) it becomes easier because you now have a 'bar' fridge (functional as well as decorative!).

You might try other suggestions when you attempt to sell it. Especially if you are looking to do so in a generalist market such as e-bay.

Some Ideas for you:
1. put glass shelves on the wire racks and hook a light to display the inside as a curio cabinet that can be locked / shut up to protect the items when the kids are around!
2. Point out how it would fit in an upscale garage as a place to store tools on the racks.
3. It would work well as an outside storage in a covered deck for foodstuffs (keeps the animals from it) but still looks good.

These idea's might help you sell it. I would try Kajiji (local advertisement) so that you don't have to worry about shipping - pickup only.

Hope this helps. Unfortunately there is too little movement of this kind of thing in the market to give you a price. The only ones I know of are the older wooden ones that typically used blocks of ice for cooling - and they are expensive. But that doesn't help you - sadly.

Good luck though!

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