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1920's-1930's Capitol Lighter with ashtray base

I don't know a whole lot about it. Its been hard to find out any information.I know it's an automatic petrol cigar lighter with a mechanical snap up levered mechanism.Manufactured in the late20's to early 30's.The mechanism was first invented by an Austrian, but not patented in the us.Steele and Johnson of Waterbury Conn. copied this design.George Eldred patent date of Sept 17,1912 which you cant quite make out is on the thumb lever.In the base it has Steele & Johnson MFG.CO. Waterbury,Conn. ESSENJAY PRODUCTS New York Office, 280 Madison Ave.Other than that, that's all I could find out.It doesn't light ,but it does spark.

brass plated
Distinguishing marks: 
capitol lighter with a pic of capitol building
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
lighter 3" at top across,4 1/2" tall, base 5" diameter
8.6 oz.
It's my boyfriends. I'm just trying to get some information on it and what it's worth if anything
For Sale?: 


cglen9688's picture

With this ashtray attached, the lighter is not from the 20's-30's.  Its actually from the late 1800's.  The patent was not approved until 1912.  The easiest way to tell is on the trigger-like piece used to light it.  Yours, I would venture, is worth around $150 giver or take $25.  Beautiful piece.  This estimate is assuming that the lighter is in working order.

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