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1911 Singer Sewing Machine


I have a 1911 Singer sewing machine that I have really no idea how much it's worth.  I know its from 1911 because I researched it on Singer's website.  The whole thing is cast iron and wood and is in pretty nice shape for being 101yrs old.  The wooden table has 3 drawers lining down the left and right sides. Also there is another drawer right under the table running the lenth between the vertical drawers.  All of the drawers lock because I found the key inside one of the drawers to lock it.  Also I found a little wooden fold out box full of either parts or accessories, I dont know.  The owners manual that came with it is in rough condition but it says its a Model 27-4 and the serial number reads G1150254. I'm almost 100% sure I have every part that ever came with this machine. I just need help putting a price too it.


Thank You

Cast Iron/ Wood
Distinguishing marks: 
The Singer Manufacturing Co.
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
With the machine tucked in and the table folded in, it's 36 1/2in long, 18in wide, and stand around 29in. With the machine up and table folded out, it's 50in long, same width, and about 39in tall.
Estimated to be around 110ish. Thats just a guess from me moving it.
A woman from the local gym I go to wanted to get rid of it so I told her I'd come pick it up. But it's so cool looking I was wondering if it was actually worth anything.
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