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1895 Singer Sewing Machine


1895 Singer Sewing Machine serial #13084026, Sphinx (AKA Memphis, Egyptian) with very worn orinigal manual (No. 27-2) and copy of manual, not sure if manual goes with machine.

General Antiques and Collectibles
Wood cabinet, machine and base are believed to be cast iron.
Date Period: 
Very heavy
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AaronWilliam's picture

The Singer Company initially began generation of its wavering transport, high arm Improved Family machine in 1879. It was intended for household and light modern sewing and came for the most part fitted into treadle tables or cupboards, with only a couple provided as hand wrench machines Hire someone to do assignment  A portion of the soonest models had a fiddle formed base.In 1895 the Improved Family machine was mechanically adjusted and the appearance changed, thus the Singer 15 was conceived. It was to be the best sewing machine plan steadily, staying underway for more than 100 years, in spite of the fact that it underwent a few enhancements amid that time. The first Singer 15's, similar to the various early local Singer machines came as the typical treadle or bureau forms or as a hand wrench display. Later models were either electric or hand wrench machines.

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This is a very nice machine, but outside of a very small group of collectors there is very little demand for treadle powered sewing machines un less they are a very early or rare example. Quite often they sell for under $150.00 at auction.

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