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1847-1947 100th anniversary Roger Bros. silver flatware full set in original box!

I just purchased this full set of 100th anniversary Rogers Bros/IS flatware in the original wood box.  The set is in amazing condition, and I was wondering what the set is worth, and what I could sell it for in the near future.  Thanks for your time!

Silver and Silver Overlay
silver plated flatware
Distinguishing marks: 
1847 Rogers Bros, IS, and Rememberance are printed on the back of the utensils.
Date Period: 
1847-1947, I think it was made in 1947
Size and dimensions of this item: 
I found the full set of utensils in the box at a local garage sale, and I have found out that the set is the 100th anniversary Rememberance collection. It is complete, there are no missing pieces, and the box has some minor wear/small scratches. It also has a document that says Rogers Bros 1847-1947, and explains how to care for the utensils.
For Sale?: 

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