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17th or 18th c dutch/flemish pewter spoon called dentist scene.

This is a spoon from the 17 hundreds or 18 hundreds not sure. But I can't seem to find it any where, Hope you can give me some clarity on it's value. Thanks,    Tony Bolton.....

Distinguishing marks: 
de tandmeester jan steen
Date Period: 
17th or 18th century
Size and dimensions of this item: 
7.75" long X 2" wide
82 grams
I found it in a thrift shop with a bag of old silverware
For Sale?: 


LeavingAZ's picture

There are at least two styles of Jan Steen spoons that I have been able to find auctions on.  The style you have can be purchased right now on auction (4/29/2012) for $59.99.  You get 6 spoons and the six-spoon holder.  The condition of the spoons are similar to what you've photographed.  I have found one addition 6 spoon holder for about the same price, although the holder itself was not as nice; and two individual spoons, both for less than $5.00 each (rough condition).  I also have two of these, one in much better condition than the other and with slight variations, leading me to believe they were manufactured at different times or by different companies.  In other words, it's perhaps not as rare as I had hoped.  I would therefore appraise this model of the spoon at $5.00 USD.

There is a second style, with a hexagonal shaft and a windmill on top.  A single spoon of this style was available for $159.00, however the auction ended without a bid.

My main interest is in dating the spoons.  My spoons have some family history behind it, so I know when they were acquired (not necessarily when they were made) and mine were brought into our family just over 110 years ago.  My research has found that the hex-style might be as much as two to three hundred years old, however a chemical test would need to be done to know with more accuracy.


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