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1600-1700 ink wells used by Chinese royality

I was given these 3 ink wells that have been handed down from my mother to me. The story goes that my grandfather who fought in WWII and and Korea was given these 3 ink wells from a women who was his girlfriend while he was station overseas. The women was Chinese and had gotten them from her family. In the 70's my mother had my uncle who is a collector that also buys and sells items try to find out some history. After doing some checking he was told that the royal family in the 1600-1700 dynasty used them as ink wells. do not have pictures to post as of yet but was just wondering to get an idea where to start.

Asian Art
made of metal and carved redwood. 2 part to it. the ink well and a cover
Distinguishing marks: 
Carved characters of that time
Date Period: 
Size and dimensions of this item: 
3" x5" about 1 1/2 in in depth
2-3 lbs a pc...........
1600-1700 and was told it was used my the some dynasty at the time. An Emperor or someone from a royal family used it
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